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    Like many people reading this blog (I would imagine if you are an internet marketer type), I have fancied the idea of writing a book, or more likely an ebook or long report for quite some time. However, the thought of writing multiple tens of thousands of words seems quite daunting. Even when broken down to what I think of as normal size chapters of 20-50 pages, it still seems like a lot of work.

    Specifically, it seems like a lot of work to do before reaching any kind of recognisable milestone, which means a lot of willpower and motivation is required to see it through until said milestone is reached.

    (Read that sentence above again)

    Does it have to… Continue reading

    I recently read an article which said the average user spends 5.5 hours on Facebook.

    This was a relief (I don’t spend that much time on it) until I read the next part that said that was per month and not per day as I had first assumed.


    It certainly got me thinking though – how much time do I actually spend on Facebook each day, and what could I achieve if I could somehow reduce it? It’s a bit of a tricky one to track accurately, as I don’t tend to spend huge chunks of time on it in one go, but tend to have it on in the background and flick back and forth to it regularly… Continue reading